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Plymouth, Massachusetts and Dallas, Texas– Global Views, Inc., an industry leader in the decorative accessory industry, announced today that it has chosen PLMresearch, a leading Small to Midsize Enterprise (SME) eBusiness consulting firm, to develop its Internet based product development portal system.  The Portal will facilitate the efforts of Global Views’ designers, suppliers and manufacturers in their challenge to bring new product to market faster by syndicating information out to Global Views’ value chain partners anytime, anywhere via a standard browser (e.g. Internet Explorer™ or Netscape™).

“It’s all about accelerating the rate in which product design information moves”, explained David Gebhart, President of Global Views, Inc.  “We travel around the world identifying the most beautiful, diverse and high quality home accessories available in the market today”, Gebhart added, “and our designers rely upon a vast network of suppliers and agents to bring these unique accessories into the home.  As our business has expanded, the administrative burden involved in coordinating information from so many disparate sources has become intense”.

That which cannot be measured cannot be managed…

“Quantifying and recording attributes like size, weight, color, packaging type – the byproducts of the product design – is critically important to ensure that quality and profitability goals are met.  This is especially true for companies like Global Views that rely upon external sources for production, and logistics”, stated Mark Withington, Principal of PLMresearch.  “Traditionally, most companies start recording this kind of information via standard MS Excel™ spreadsheets, but soon find these ad hoc systems inadequate.”

“We needed a centralized location where all [authorized] product design stakeholders could view and edit product design information.  Unfortunately, emailing spreadsheets lacked that capability”, stated Gebhart.  “We realized that Global Views needed a cost-effective, real-time alternative that would link our partners together across time zones and business cultures and PLMresearch showed us a way to accomplish this quickly and painlessly”.

“This kind of functionality falls under the heading of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) ”, added Withington.  “PLM facilitates interaction and collaboration between value chain partners – vendors, R&D, logistics, etc – and is becoming particularly important for companies that are utilizing an outsourced business model.  We will base Global Views product development portal on an open source[1] platform, allowing us to deploy PLM capabilities at a fraction of the cost typically associated with such an effort”, explained Withington. 

Unlike traditional shrink-wrap software licensed products, open source provides coding stability along with the flexibility for customization that, until now, has been available only to large enterprises with equally large budgets.  Used in conjunction with PLMresearch’s Rapid Development Methodology (RDM), open source development is an excellent alternative for the SME to base their mission critical applications.

Global Views intends to deploy its design portal over the next several weeks.

About Global Views

Global Views, Inc. (founded in 1996), designs, sources and distributes accent pieces to beautify living environments. Its culture is dedicated to building a profitable company that values and rewards individuals who help provide outstanding services to its customers, in an environment that emphasizes creativity, social responsibility and serenity.

Global Views’ designers unleash their creative spirit and talent in virtually any medium they can imagine. From iron and stone to wood and wax, Global Views sets few limits on its design team, yielding a creative freedom of experimentation that is almost unheard of in the accessories industry.

An important factor that makes Global Views a market leader is its ongoing commitment to innovation. This commitment is clear in every facet of the company, including design, sales and marketing, and industry promotion. It is this constant search for innovative solutions that has catapulted Global Views to its position as a leading design resource for the home.

About PLMresearch

PLMresearch assists midsize enterprises evaluate, design and deploy cost effective eBusiness initiatives - Internet technology that automates their current inter-business processes.  It works with its clients to help them understand how the Internet can leverage their current internal IT systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Materials Resource Planning (MRP), to accelerate sales and marketing channels, promote product design collaboration, foster materials sourcing and facilitate supply chain management.

PLMresearch is a privately held company founded by Mark Withington in 2000.  It is a virtual organization of principles whose background covers application, database and web design, security, systems administration, and business process consulting.  The company is a strong advocate of the open source movement and is a frequent contributor to the foundries and forums of the packages that it uses.  It feels that the flexibility and low cost that open source provides promotes vendor independence and therefore reinforces PLMresearch’s position as a trusted technical advisor to its clients.



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[1] Open source refers to a development and distribution model that promotes design stability and cost containment by making a software program's source code – the "human-readable" computer code before it is compiled into "machine code" - freely available to outside programmers. This process fosters global collaboration among developers, allowing them to critique the code and contribute their own enhancements and bug fixes.

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