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Unlike traditional mass-produced, “shrink wrap” software that requires your existing business processes and procedures to be modified to fit the software’s needs, PRODUCTManager is tailored to perfectly match your existing Development processes.

Furthemore, while traditional project methodologies assume that system stakeholders (developers, users, business owners) are able to have a clear and detailed understanding of the kind of system they need and the requirements that must be met years into the future. They ignore the fact that the users’ understanding of what they need evolves with the system use. PLMresearch’s approach recognizes that the business environment and user requirements are constantly changing, and therefore, prescribes a broad architectural approach and a rapid prototyping/learning methodology. This forms the basis of the PLMresearch Rapid Development Methodology (RDM).

PLMresearch’s RDM utilizes an iterative three phase delivery – Prototype, Pilot and Go Live - each containing four development themes – Scope, Design, Develop, and Release.

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